The work plan of TClouds encompasses four independently managed Activities and twelve tightly integrated Work Packages.

Activity A1:
Legal and Business Foundations for Cross-border Computing

A1 is responsible for legal and regulatory guidance, the privacy impact assessment for cross-border clouds, and viable business models for cloud providers.

Activity A2:
Trustworthy Internet-scale Computing Platform

A2 is responsible for the TClouds platform. This platform includes trustworthy individual clouds that are based either on extending commodity clouds or on strengthening cloud operation software.

Activity A3:
Benchmark Application & User-centric Evaluation

A3 is responsible for delivering the Smart Lighting and Home Healthcare cloud scenarios as well as self-evaluation and self improvement through end-user and expert feedback.

Activity A4:
Programme Management and Dissemination

A4 is responsible for wide and effective dissemination as well as the proper programme management that ensures timely and high-quality delivery of all results while mitigating emerging conflicts.